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Sato Mama and Obachan

(Almost) One year on

Not since my last entry, since I first came to Tohoku.


Actually, there’s still a few weeks to my “official” first time came to Tohoku date. So why even make this post, when I’ve obviously been so cavalier about not making blog entries (NOT CAVALIER, BUSY!).


Here’s why: More >

Winter is coming..

Ever since watching Game of Thrones this summer when I was in the UK, anytime someone said “Winter is coming” I would secretly (sometimes not so secretly) giggle to myself.



Ninja photography

We interrupt your scheduled blog entry with breaking news.


One of our ninja INJM photographers (code name Eimaj) has infiltrated the INJM base without the knowledge of the people inside, and is able to send back some very hard to come by images of volunteers in their natural habitat.


Warning: More >

Thank you

Moving on

In my last post I mentioned that the camp ground at the volunteer center was closing on the 30th of September.


Well, today’s the 30th. What does that mean for INJM?


Time to pack up and go home? 




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