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Kyushu – 21st – 26th of August – Bye Kyushu

This is our last album from Kyushu.

Actually writing this from the road. We left early this morning, aiming to reach Osaka today so that Yannick can rest up for tomorrows 14 hour drive. I, as a non driver, have the task of keeping Yannick awake for the drive, and More >

Kyushu update – 14th – 19th of August

Another week, another update. Slightly less mud shovelling this week, but still lots and lots to do.


Edit – Argh! I forgot to click publish! This should have been posted last week! Sorry everyone!

More >

Kyushu update – 8th – 12th of August

Tsukareta!! It’s been another hard week down here in Kyushu. As always, the work is almost 100% physical in nature. But I’ve finally gotten used to it again. When we first came I was really sore everyday, but now the 6 days of hard physical labour with no break is More >

Because not everyone uses Facebook…

Hi INJM’ers!

We’ve been down in Kyushu for a while now, but there has been very few updates on the website! Sorry! It’s not that we aren’t doing anything, nor is it that we don’t want to let you know whats going on, rather it’s that it’s just so much More >

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