Tsuna Cafe

Tsuna Cafe is a community project focused on fostering communication and creating new bonds between people displaced by the tsunami and living in temporary housing facilities (Kasetsu Jutaku).

Tsuna Cafe has been launched in the following temporary housing facilities (Photos here): Ohashi (Ishinomaki), Omori-danchi, Nikkori-sunpark, Orinohama

Tea and Conversation

The first phase of the Tsuna Cafe started in March 2012 with the goal of organizing informal tea parties in the communal space and encouraging residents to communicate with each other. The environment of the Cafe is kept light, with the focus on enjoyment and interaction with neighbors and volunteers.

Cooking Together

After building initial rapport and trust with the residents, INJM will expand the tea parties to cooking events where community members and volunteers can cook together. Our role would be to organize the event, and that of the volunteers would be to provide the occasional foreign interaction, but the main goal of this phase would be to build stronger bonds within the community.

Creating Gardens

The temporary housing facilities consist of closely constructed units with little free space to engage in outdoor hobbies. Many housing units are located near open areas suitable for planting gardens. Some of these may even be residential plots where the house was washed away by the tsunami. Using these pieces of land, INJM will assist residents to create community gardens to grow plants and vegetables. This phase of the project is likely to be popular among men and women alike. See the video above and this page to see INJM volunteers helping create a garden where someone’s house once stood.

Supporting Tsuna Cafe

If you wish to support the Tsuna Cafe please email us at donations@itsnotjustmud.com !

Massage therapists/manicurists etc: If are skilled in providing massages, manicures or other similar services; and you wish to donate your time, please contact us.

Artists/Entertainers: If you would like to volunteer your time by providing light entertainment (musics, plays, dances etc) please contact us. We will be happy to discuss things further with you!

Material Donations: For the Cafe we buy snacks, cakes etc from local groceries and bakers which helps support the local economy. This also means that we have to reject large donations of basic items. However, some speciality snacks (for example, local specialities from other prefectures) may be acceptable in small quantities.

You can also help support Tsuna Cafe by donating money towards the project. Please see the INJM donation page for more details.

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