Case study: Care home for Elderly

This house in Watanoha, Ishinomaki provides a good showcase of the kind of help INJM can provide to house owners. It will be used as a care home for the elderly and various other secondary activities.

List of work: Debris removal, Gutting, Cleaning, Damage Repair, Installing Floors, Installing Insulation, Installing Walls, Installing Ceiling
Number of days worked: 14
Description of work:

Care home for the elderly: Exterior of the house and the interiors as they were being gutted and cleaned

The lower floor of this house was damaged by the tsunami and subsequent water logging. The first phase of the salvage operation consists of removing all articles from the interior. We then strip the walls, floor, ceiling and remove the sludge collected around the foundations of the house. The stripped interiors are then washed thoroughly to remove any unhygienic residue (see photos above).

Installing floor insulation and new floor boards

After drying out the interiors, we insert insulation below the floors to improve the heating inside the house (see the bright blue strips in photo above). New floor boards are then installed. The next step is to insert wall insulation and the wall boards (see photos below).

Installing wall insulation and wall boards

The finished house is now ready to live in!

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