Salvage and Debris clearing

Focus area: Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture

                  Oshika Peninsula


Salvaging Homes and Local Businesses:

                      Stripping plaster of the walls

One of the key competencies of INJM is in salvaging tsunami-damaged homes and clearing debris from residential areas. INJM has spent over 4500 volunteer-hours on home salvage and 2300 volunteer-hours of debris clearing since October 2011.

The housRemoval of tsunami sludge from under floorboardses left standing after the 3/11 tsunami follow a familiar pattern of damage. In many cases only the ground floors of the houses were flooded, bringing with it tsunami sludge and debris. While the upper floors of such houses were untouched, the sludge and the rotting walls and floors create an unhygienic environment. In some instances, the owners of such houses continue to live there despite the hazardous conditions. Others have moved to temporary housing facilities in hope of someday making their house livable.

The main obstacles facing the owners are the cost of salvaging such houses and the lack of skilled manpower due to the enormous demand.

INJM works with the owners of such houses by identifying the work required, and gutting the houses of all damaged materials. We use our volunteer base (and at times professional builders depending on the work) to remove the walls, floors, ceiling (if required) and the mud underneath the floor boards. The gutted houses are then cleaned and made ready for the new floors and walls.



Debris Removal:


In addition to home salvage, INJM also offers assistance in clearing tsunami debris from other residential areas: for example clearing gutters, temple grounds, parks etc. We directly work with the local community to assess their priorities and plan our efforts according to their needs.

Collaborating groups

Amor Ishinomaki
Association for the Revitalization of Ishinomaki

Ayukawa Volunteer Center
Ishinomaki Volunteer Center
Grace City Relief
Samaritan’s Purse

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