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Children’s festival in Ishinomaki (Organized by NPO Free Tohoku)

More than a year since the disaster in North East Japan, it is becoming more vital to rebuild and support the affected communities. Even though debris clearing will continue for a significant amount of time, INJM recognizes that physical reconstruction is meaningless if the community is no longer functional. While we continue to do construction projects, the amount of these are far outweighed by our other projects.

Since its inception, INJM has collaborated with several groups on community events (see list below), like children’s festivals, sports days, “Takidashi” etc. Since February 2012, we have started to focus our efforts on our own community projects like Tsuna Cafe, or collaborating more deeply with other groups like Playground of Hope.

We are confident that these projects will have a long-term positive effect on the communities they address, and that such kind of holistic reconstruction, physical and social, is the right way forward for Tohoku.

INJM is happy to collaborate with other groups on community events in Ishinomaki and surrounding areas. If you have an idea that promotes community interaction, and think that INJM can help, please contact us at media@itsnotjustmud.com !

INJM Community Projects:

Construction and Salvage

Playground of Hope

Collaborated Events (see complete list of collaborators):

Okawa Elementary School Memorial Event
Let them Eat Cake – Christmas Event (collaboration with NPO Free Tohoku)
Ishinomaki Rock Festival (ROCKFES 2011)
Ishinomaki Children’s Festival (collaboration with NPO Free Tohoku)
Charity Futsal (collaboration with NPO I-Support)
Opening ceremony of children’s park in Ofunato Orphanage (collaboration with Foreign Volunteers Japan)

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