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(Left) Pao Bakery after reopening their premises (Right) Nambu-san, our local electrician outside one of the work-sites

More than a year since the disaster, most large department stores and businesses in Tohoku have reopened to pre-disaster scales. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the smaller local shops, businesses and other services. Before March 2011, residents in the affected areas would frequent local shops, places where everyone knew each other personally and had built relationships over time.. the local butcher, the cake shop around the corner and so on. With the destruction of houses and displacement of residents, bringing back these businesses and communities they depended on, will take time and concentrated effort.

One of the steps towards this is to BUY LOCAL! Whenever possible INJM purchases all consumables, building materials and other services locally. When you donate to us, your money goes into our recovery projects, and by putting money back into the hands of local people we aim at restarting and supporting the local economy. Below is a list of local businesses that are used by INJM to procure various materials.

If you wish to support INJM projects AND support the local economy please make a donation and help us help Tohoku in a healthy way! All of the businesses listed below were affected by the Tsunami, some of them having their premises totally destroyed. 


Abe grocers in Kazuma: INJM's local vegetable vendor

Local shops and services used by INJM:

- Bread from Pao Bakery located in central Ishinomaki (we generally buy at least ¥20000 (USD200) worth of bread a month!)

- Other breakfast stuff (cereal, honey, jam etc) from Ishinomaki Kazai, who also donate milk free of charge!

- Building materials (Plywood, Insulation, Plasterboard, Wood) from Nakagawa Mokuzai in Higashi-Matsushima

- Fresh Vegetables from Abe Green Grocers in Kazuma

- Car repairs/maintenance and shaken done by Car Project Endou Kadonowaki

- LP Gas is provided by Abeki Gas, located in Nakazato (previously in Watanoha, their office was washed away)

- The electrician we use lives around the corner from us in Sakaeda, Mr Masahiko Nambu

- Administrative services (hankos, business cards, flyer printing) are provided by Insatsukan in Kazuma

Insatsukan local hanko and print shop

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