Case study: Funakoshi Fishing Industry

The fishing community in Funakoshi village suffered significant damage to their boats and other fishing equipment such as nets etc. A lot of the necessary equipment was also washed out into the ocean.

Due to the damage to their houses, the community has also been displaced to the temporary housing facility in Ishinomaki (an hour’s drive from Funakoshi). The fishermen drive up to Funakoshi every day for repair work on their boats. While some equipment can be fixed, others such as outboard motors are beyond salvage and need replacement. The community works as a cooperative. That is, all resources like boats, nets, manpower as well profits from fishing are shared among the community. So making them independent directly impacts a large number of lives.

In October 2011, INJM coordinated the efforts of Alpha Corp., (Dirk Hendrik), Foreign Volunteers Japan (Mike Connolly) and the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan (Lori Henderson), and procured a large industrial freezer for the Funakoshi fishermen.

Since then we have been sending teams of volunteers to help with fishing activities, debris clearing, seaweed packaging etc. If you are in a position to help this initiative, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Donations/Help sought (contact us):

  • Outboard motors for fishing boats, any brand (Minimum 40 HP, 4-stoke motors)

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