Case study: Funakoshi Charm

Funakoshi village situated in Oppa Bay, Miyagi Prefecture, was severely hit by the tsunami which destroyed almost everything there. Many of the residents have been relocated to Ishinomaki in temporary housing. However, they are keen to restart their work and travel daily between Ishinomaki and Funakoshi (1hr drive) to rebuild their village.

Funakoshi Charm – Local Handmade Handicrafts

The “Funakoshi Charm” project is an initiative started by a group of resourceful women who create beautiful hand-shaped, hand-painted and hand-braided charms, necklaces and slates. The charms make nice accessories for bags, phones and are sold at a very reasonable price.

INJM provides support by sourcing some of the raw materials required to make these charms. Since January 2012 we have been regularly sending teams of volunteers to help cut, shape and paint the slates and charms. We are also actively looking for shops, retailers and other platforms to showcase and sell these handicrafts.

A brochure of articles made can be downloaded here: Funakoshi Charm Brochure.pdf

Donations/Help sought:

  • If you know of stores or venues that would interested in selling these articles please contact us at

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