Local Industry Support

Focus area: Funakoshi, Miyagi Prefecture

                  Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture

The destruction of life and property following the 3/11 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, crippled the economy of the region. Before 3/11, the coastal towns and villages had thriving fishing communities and other small businesses. These communities now have an uphill task in face of the massive costs of re-building their homes, work places and lives. As the initial recovery and cleanup efforts draw to a close, the focus is now shifting towards empowering people to help themselves.

INJM aims at providing logistical and material support to local businesses to make them independent in the long-term.

The importance of revitalizing local business and industry cannot be overstated. When a localbusiness reopens the positive effect is immense. Not only does this inject money into the local economy, the social aspect of reconnecting with ones local shop creates hope for the future.

Wherever possible, we buy many products from local businesses. Buying local products like building materials, professional services, food etc helps revitalize the local economy and it the BEST possible use of donations. See our Spending Locally! page for further details.

You can read about our current and past local industry support projects in the following case studies:

Kotobukiya Sake Shop, Ishinomaki
Furniture construction & delivery with Ishinomaki Laboratory, Ishinomaki
Funakoshi Charm, Funakoshi – [Ongoing]
Funakoshi Fishing Industry Support, Funakoshi – [Ongoing]

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