Hashimoto Gohan – Hashimoto’s Tohoku Recipes

For Joseph Brandel (Jojo), it was love at first taste.

Not sight, taste.


Jojo loves food. He especially loves good food. So when he first ate Hashimoto san’s food, he naturally said that thing which is so often said to compliment a good cook. “You should make a cookbook!”. And he meant it. By chance Jojo knew some book publishers, and approached them about the idea of doing a Hashimoto cookbook.


And from there, it all moved very quickly.


Much more than a cookbook, this is the story of an amazing woman who since the 3/11 disaster of 2011 has fed thousands of volunteers with her fabulous cooking. Without a proper kitchen, but with the desire to give something back,  she spent months cooking with portable stoves and barbecues to feed an veritable army of volunteers. But with a twist. Whether the volunteer was Japanese, American, Chinese or South African, one thing was agreed by all: This was like their mothers cooking. Food for your body and soul.
Hashimoto san always made you work harder, either because you were full of delicious, healthy food or because you knew it was coming later! So the volunteers worked better/harder because of her.

Now through this book you can experience the joy of such heart-warming food and help support the legend herself, all from your own kitchen.

As well as interviews with Hashimoto san, this book also shares the different experiences of 8 volunteers from around the world, all of which worked in Ishinomaki after the earthquake, and tells of the impact that Hashimoto san has made to their lives.

And of course, no cookbook would be complete without recipes! With over 20 of Hashimoto sans original recipes, this book allows you to recreate the food of the woman whose house is everyone’s home away from home.

And did we mention the whole book is in both Japanese AND English?!


For those living in Japan, you can order the book from Amazon by clicking on this link. Each copy is 1680 yen with free domestic shipping! 


If you are living outside of Japan, we can send you the book ourselves, saving you from Amazon Japan’s very expensive international shipping!


Prices (including all costs and fees) :

Airmail 1 book = 2890 yen
Airmail 2 books = 5410 yen (save 370)
Airmail 3 books = 7770 yen (save 900)
Airmail 4 books = 9990 yen (save 1570)
Airmail 5 books = 11970 yen (save 2480)

SAL 1 book = 2570 yen
SAL 2 books = 4770 yen (save 370)
SAL 3 books = 6930 yen (save 780)
SAL 4 books = 9100 yen (save 1180)
SAL 5 books = 11260 yen (save 1590)

Note that the maximum number of book shipped in one package is 5 because any more than that and the shipping costs increase dramatically. So if you want 8 books you’ll get 2 packages consisting of 5 and 3.

Send an email to hashimotogohan@gmail.com with :
Full Name
Complete Address
Phone number
Number of books
Shipping method (Airmail or SAL)
Paypal address

We will send you a Paypal invoice and ship the books once payment is confirmed.

Please note that INJM makes no profit from this service, this is purely for the benefit of all our supporters from around the world!


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