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INJM operations mostly run on love and miso soup, but money and materials play a significant role as well. We would like to thank all donors, big and small, for showing us their support and helping us to continue our work in Tohoku. Here is a list of people/organizations* that have donated money or materials to INJM:

*if we have forgotten anyone please write to us and remind us! We value your donations very much and will be happy to add your name! 

Individuals Organizations

Our supporters come from all over the world. Here is a geographic distribution of donors.

Damian Keyte Helping Hands for Japan – UK
David Lee Famina Corp.
Mr. Mitsuo Onodera  Farstad Shipping
M.S Jayalakshmi  Very50
 Todd Stein  More Japan Corp.
 Spreckley/White family  Japan Vinyl Code Inc.
Alex Willis & Dave Pearson  Yum Yum Co. Ltd.
 Shigeyuki Naito  Tokyo Shiraume 51
Mie Shimizu  MAZOIL
Hank Glassman SHOEI Foods Corporation
 Beth McElmoyle Nihon Kohden Mountaineering Club
 Nuala Connolly Laser Rush, Yokohama
 Lorna Nagamine Takao Otsuka
 Laura Stevenson Nishitama-unsou co. Saitama distribution center
 Karen Keenan  Taipei American School
 Patrick Corsi  Kappougi No Kai
 Mami Sue  Hayama International School
 Aiden Fain  Japan British Society of Kansai
 Kathy Jacquay  Fuji Kindergarten
Atsushi Kugue Pray for Japan International Spring Fest
Yasuko Omori Riverside Yoga Charity Club, Hadano
Jyunko Kobayashi くろまつ会

Wakae Sugiyama Fukui JETs
Rimiko Otsuka KDDI Corporation

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