Kyushu update – 8th – 12th of August

Tsukareta!! It’s been another hard week down here in Kyushu. As always, the work is almost 100% physical in nature. But I’ve finally gotten used to it again. When we first came I was really sore everyday, but now the 6 days of hard physical labour with no break is More >

Kyushu update – 5th and 6th of August – Lee san goes home!

Hi all.

Lee san has left the building! He has other commitments in Ishinomaki, so couldn’t stay here and play with us in Kyushu any longer. He worked here for 2 weeks, doing the same very physical work of guys half his age. Thanks for all the hard work buddy! More >

4th of August – MORE mud!

Today was another beautiful day!

I’m very happy to say that today we were joined by Mio, one of our volunteers who was with us for four months in Ishinomaki last year!

Below you can see a lot of pictures, but let me just talk about the mud for More >

3rd of August – Kyushu update


The work in Kyushu continues. It gets pretty hot down here, so we have to be very careful not to dehydrate! Luckily we’ve been working indoors over the past few days, so we’ve had some shelter from the sun. There’s maybe one day of work left at Ino san’s More >

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