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What’s coming up for INJM?

We spent the last few months of last year very busy with our Tsuna Cafe project as well as helping out our favorite kids project Playground of Hope. But a New Year also brings new opportunities for those who wish to volunteer. Something which is a bit easier for anyone More >

Happy New Year!!

It might be somewhat belated, but let me take this chance to wish all our friends, followers and supporters a Happy New Year!

The work year started for us on the 2nd of January, continuing with a great little project we started at the end of last year in Onagawa. More >

My moment

2 years ago, the triple disaster of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear plan failure changed the life of thousands of people in Tohoku.


It also changed my life.


But not right away. It wasn’t until 3 months after the disaster that I made my way up to Tohoku. I More >

Kyushu – 21st – 26th of August – Bye Kyushu

This is our last album from Kyushu.

Actually writing this from the road. We left early this morning, aiming to reach Osaka today so that Yannick can rest up for tomorrows 14 hour drive. I, as a non driver, have the task of keeping Yannick awake for the drive, and More >

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