About us

It’s Not Just Mud (INJM) is a non-profit volunteer organization specializing in disaster relief and grass-root support and rehabilitation of disaster affected individuals and small businesses. We are based in Ishinomaki, Miyagi prefecture, Japan and work in the Tohoku region.

A profile of INJM, its activities and other information about the organization can downloaded here.

Our Aims

Encouraging Volunteering – Volunteers and the support they provide are the driving force behind all of INJM’s efforts. We actively source and support volunteer activities by offering logistical assistance, advice and on-the-ground support.


Disaster relief – Helping people recover from disasters requires INJM to take on many roles. Our relief efforts range from salvaging homes and debris removal from public and private property, to the distribution of donated articles to disaster victims.


Local business recovery and community support – Long term recovery from disasters requires rebuilding of communities and promotion of sustainable local businesses. We work with local businesses and communities to best gauge their needs, often in collaboration with companies/other groups.


Read more about our current projects here.




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