What’s coming up for INJM?

We spent the last few months of last year very busy with our Tsuna Cafe project as well as helping out our favorite kids project Playground of Hope. But a New Year also brings new opportunities for those who wish to volunteer. Something which is a bit easier for anyone to just pick up and do.


And it’s the perfect time to do so, for a very special very MAGICAL time is fast approaching. No, not Jamie’s birthday, I’m talking about WAKAME!


In the past we have helped several different fishing communities with this particular job. Following the Earthquake and Tsunami, these communities lost not only friends, family and homes, but also a lot of their man power. With many people moving away or working in the construction industry, the knock on effect for the fishing industry is that there is a lack of manpower. Last season we were going 3 or 4 times a week, and we often saw other volunteers in the area too. All the fisherman we spoke to had the same message: “We are happy to pay people to work for us, we just can’t find enough people!”.


So this year, we are going to try and match volunteers with fisherman. Kind of like a WWOOF’ing, but without the organic vegetables. What we are hoping to arrange is a short stay with Fishermen staying at their home or a sleeping space they have provided, and putting you to work! We will help with the initial orientation, but after that you’ll be on your own (not really, we’re always a phone call away, but we won’t be holding your hand the whole time!)! We are thinking that a good amount of time would be for a week, so it would especially suit students and travelers. Nothing is confirmed yet, so please don’t flood our inboxes, but please do keep you eyes peeled for further information on this!


On top of this we will of course continue with Tsuna Cafe and our seemingly-never ending-randomly-appearing construction projects.


Thanks for your ongoing support to INJM, and as always, for more bite sized but frequent updates, please check our Facebook page!



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