Tsukareta!! It’s been another hard week down here in Kyushu. As always, the work is almost 100% physical in nature. But I’ve finally gotten used to it again. When we first came I was really sore everyday, but now the 6 days of hard physical labour with no break is no problem. We were joined by Rob from IDRO (second trip, soon to be enjoying Italy), Naomi (second time, leaving today), Colin (gone, maybe coming back) and Lennon (here for the long haul), a friend of Yannick’s. Today we’ll be joined by Anna and Sak, both of whom have been to Ishinomaki in the past.

INJM are calling for more volunteers to come to Kyushu, but only those who are able to arrange their own transportation and accommodation. If this is you, then please check out this page for more info on volunteering in Kyushu.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the photos below!

- Jamie


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