Today was another beautiful day!

I’m very happy to say that today we were joined by Mio, one of our volunteers who was with us for four months in Ishinomaki last year!

Below you can see a lot of pictures, but let me just talk about the mud for a moment. I’ve shovelled plenty of mud in my team, but today was the first time in a long time that i’ve shovelled really thick wet mud while standing inside it. Which sounds really specific. That’s how much mud I’ve shovelled!

It’s the type which makes a noise when you lift it up (kind of like a reverse squelch sound, if that makes ANY sense at all..). It’s very easy to get stuck in, I almost fell over a few times today (luckily, there were plenty of people around to point and laugh)! It also has the awesome characteristic of being a bit runny, which means that it gets onto your shovel handle. That, in combination to being quite heavy, significantly increases the chances of you (and by you I mean me) accidentally punching myself in the face when shovelling by quite a lot. Allow me to explain in more detail:

A lot of force is needed to lift the shovel when it’s full of mud (i’m talking about when the mud is in some kind of mud vacuum/black hole, regular mud diggers will know what I’m talking about) , and when the handle of that shovel is covered in mud and is slippery, and you’re wearing gloves, it’s really easy for your hand to slip off. And punch yourself in the face.


Enjoy the pictures!

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