Ever since watching Game of Thrones this summer when I was in the UK, anytime someone said “Winter is coming” I would secretly (sometimes not so secretly) giggle to myself.

The House of Stark family words are certainly accurate.


Winter is coming.


And it’s cold.


And you can’t escape that cold.


You would think that going inside would help, but no, it doesn’t really help that much. In fact it’s probably worse. Because you think “Oh wow I’m inside now, I can take off my jacket! Wonderful!”


But it’s 5 degrees outside, and I’m sat at my desk wearing my snowboarding jacket.


So when a friend asked me what kind of things people need at the moment, it was really easy to answer. Winter stuff.


Winter stuff means warm clothing, heaters, electric blankets, kerosene, that kind of stuff.


My reasonably well insulated house is incredibly cold. So I’m afraid to imagine what it’s like for the Abe family who live around the corner from me, who are still in the middle of reconstructing their homes and have no walls on their ground floor.


A big thanks to Misa and her friends who sent INJM many stoves and electric blankets to give out.


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